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Real Talk: Get the Feedback You Need

Real feedback from your team is hard to come by. Nobody wants to throw anyone under the bus or be labeled a complainer. But the feedback you get from your team and that you get from your clients should be equally important. Have you ever heard of the CBS reality series “Undercover Boss”? Each episode […]

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Like a [Horrible] Boss

  It’s the same thing every year; once the turkey has been cooked, carved, and eaten, everyone sits around the table, staring at the leftovers, wondering “what now?” The build up for the Thanksgiving feast is so consuming, it can be easy to forget that the actual consuming of the feast takes less than an […]

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Google Yourself

Although we’re proud The Newsletter Pro is consistently competing for Idaho’s Best Places to Work, it’s hard to compare ourselves to Google. We all knew that Google was a cool place to work, but none of us knew just exactly how cool until The Internship hit theaters last summer. As Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson […]

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