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Photo logotype concept analogue film versus digital photography

Lessons From a Tragic Business Failure

In 1975, a Kodak engineer named Steve Sasson invented the first digital camera, a toaster-sized prototype that captured black-and-white images at a resolution of just .01 megapixels (by comparison, there’s now a Nokia smartphone with 41-megapixel resolution). Because the first digital camera was filmless, Kodak management wanted Sasson to keep quiet about his invention rather […]

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In the Spirit of Sales – A Franchises Case Study

Severed limbs. Fake blood. Fog machines. Rubber masks. Celebrity impersonators and strobe lights. Free of gifts, greeting cards, and repetitive musical fanfare, Halloween still packs one hell of a consumer punch. What began as the Celtic harvest festival of Samhain (that’s “sow-in”) 2,000 years ago — where burned crops and sacrificed animals appeased deities — […]

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How “Jurassic World” Made Over a Billion Dollars to Become the Biggest Movie of the Year — and What You Can Learn From It

Over the past several months, the people behind the marketing campaign for “Jurassic World” have been celebrating. They’ve probably been celebrating since June, when the movie opened, but they deserve it. Their efforts contributed to multiple record-breaking weekends and eventually a record-breaking year. Not only did the dinosaur epic become the highest grossing movie of […]

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Y Direct Mail Matters: Market to the Millennial

In a 2011 60 Minutes segment, senior CNN correspondent Morley Safer interviews a young, enthusiastic Jason Dorsey about the surge of Gen Y college graduates about to overwhelm the workforce and consumer world. With skeptical nods and questions like “where does this fantasy [of the dream job] come from?,” Safer humors Dorsey’s wide-eyed idealism that claims […]

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