Business Lessons from Walt Disney

As kids, we turned to Disney to teach us the ways of morality… and to hear colorful characters sing their way through conflict and strife and somehow come out okay on the other side. As we grew up, we introduced our kids to the magic of faith, trust, and pixie dust, and the wonder of seeing a beast become a man or a girl become a princess. While these tales have the potential to be lost on an older audience, as entrepreneurs, we can still learn from Disney’s lessons, not through talking animals, but through the language of marketing a customer service.

What Disney VIP Treatment Can Teach You About Email Marketing

One of Disney’s most valuable commodities is the more-bang-for-more-buck VIP Tours. Pricey though they may be, they’re a meticulously planned, premium service that allow Disney guests to do and see more in a day than most people do in a week. It’s this strategy that Dan Kennedy says should be applied fully to email marketing. Email marketing done right is all about timing and execution, something no business can pull off with “sloppy,” haphazard content. Click the link to follow to find out how to make your email campaign Disney-worthy.

Lessons from Disneyland on Experience Optimization

At TNP, we exemplify the core value “We are always learning and improving” whenever we can, but at Disney, they take that same concept and multiply it tenfold. They’re learning and improving well before the opportunity to do so even presents itself. Their commitment to such innovation is what turns their theme park into a one-of-a-kind experience, one that we all can emulate in our business ventures. Follow the link to read up on how Disney and you can systemize contingency plans, always be in character, manage client expectations, provide consistency, and optimize the business experience all around.

6 Things I Learned About Business From a Day at Disneyland

An 8-year-old can walk through Disneyland and be totally immersed in a fantasy world that’s bigger, brighter, and more exciting than anything their infinite imaginations could possibly come up with. Disneyland, through their eyes, has no faults. Yet, Disneyland has that exact same effect on full-grown adults, which is what one Location180 contributor learned from just a day in the park. Attention to detail, strategic pricing, optimistic authority, and total awareness are all ways you can bring the Disney model back to your business.


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