Business Lessons From an Elephant on Handling the Competition

Sometimes, it can be hard to think of a theme for these Weekend Reading posts, so when a team member randomly suggests doing something based on the word “elephant,” you go with it! Challenge accepted. Here are some articles about handling your competition, improving your marketing, sales, and culture with inspiration from the noble elephant.

Maximizing Your Memory to Make Better Connections

An elephant never forgets, as they say. And as it turns out, having a good memory is a fantastic tool in business! Because relationships are the most important thing (we’ve always thought so), having a great memory is crucial to keeping up strong connections with everyone — from that top-paying client to the lead you’ve been nurturing for years. This article explains the value of memory in fostering relationships with everyone.

Never Leave Internal Communications to Chance

Elephants remain in close contact with each other using their trunks. Research has shown that tactile interaction in elephants can be used for affection, aid, play, consolation, and much more. By remaining in close proximity to one another, elephants are always able to communicate and stay on the same page as a herd. As your business’s “herd” grows too big, your team won’t be able to rely on the subtle cues of communication that a smaller “herd” relies on. Here’s how internal communications must adapt as your company grows.

How to Deal with Competitors

While the only natural predators of adult elephants are humans, elephant calves are vulnerable to attacks from lions and crocodiles as well. Your business is never truly immune to outside threats, but you’ll be stronger and better equipped to handle yourself as your company matures. Here are some tips from entrepreneur Richard Branson of Virgin on keeping your business safe and growing, even when external dangers threaten to take you down. Find out more about dealing with competitors in this Virgin blog post.


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