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Confessions of an Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever studied copywriting, you’ll know that fear is a powerful motivator. People are always looking to avoid pain.   Experts say that when you’re trying to sell to someone, you’ll get a better response if you focus on people’s fears. People are more likely to buy something if it helps them get rid […]

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How To Get Referrals Without Offering Incentives

Referrals are the best type of new customers, and you don’t even need incentives to get them. Every study on the topic of referrals says they are worth more, they’re easier to sell to, they have a higher lifetime value, and they make the person who referred them more loyal. This has been confirmed by […]

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The Eternal Value Of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Every year, marketers have an increased number of tools at their disposal. The list of options is nearly infinite: social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and many, many more. All of these strategies are valuable, and the best marketing plans are those that are multi-faceted. In your rush to stay on top of the latest […]

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The Exaggerated Death of Offline Media

If you go online right now and look at business news websites, you will find a staggering amount of stories on how great digital media is, how Amazon and e-commerce initiatives are talking over the world, and the second coming of the digital revolution. To them, offline media might as well be dead. And unfortunately, […]

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Honesty Is The Best Policy For Crisis Management

All companies screw up from time to time. What makes crisis management worse is when they aren’t honest after a mistake. Not only is it unethical to cover up an error, but it’s often the kiss of death for customers. People can excuse an error. What they can’t excuse is lying. How you manage a […]

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The Reason Your Referral Promotion Isn’t Working

A couple years back, I was consulting with a client of ours, the owner of a dental practice, about their referral promotion. They were looking for a good idea that could excite their patients and get them a ton of referrals. To them, it seemed like a lofty goal. But I knew from experience that, […]

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Embrace Complaints

Got Complaints? Hug Your Haters!

Everyone has haters. No matter how hard you try, there’s bound to be someone complaining loudly after each mistake. It’s up to you to decide how to handle complaints. Was pop icon Taylor Swift right when she said you should just “shake it off?” Or, does it pay to embrace complaints and Hug Your Haters, […]

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The Body Shop and a Public Relations Coup

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we face setbacks all the time. How we handle these setbacks — and manage public relations in the midst of them — can determine the fate of our business. Handle a setback poorly, and you may end up the victim of dire consequences. Handle a setback with outside-the-box thinking, and […]

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Behind The Scenes Of A Killer Customer Reactivation Campaign

When was the last time you thought about lost or cancelled customers? What about implementing a customer reactivation campaign? If you’re anything like me, the last time you thought about bringing lost customers back into the fold was a long time ago. Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve never been one to focus too long on the […]

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Are You Making These Marketing Mistakes?

I am often confused by the decisions normally very smart entrepreneurs make when it comes to marketing, sales, and company growth. It’s as if logic flies out the window and emotions rule the day when we start talking about sales and marketing. Often, this creates cash flow issues and stalled growth. Of course, I’m not […]

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Hunting Prey

How To Face Your Business Fears

When a moment of adversity hits, will you take up arms and face the challenges placed before you? Once you’ve conquered those battles, will you go out seeking more? If so, you might be what Pastor Mark Batterson calls a “lion chaser,” referring to the biblical story of Benaiah, a soldier in King David’s army, […]

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