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Productivity: It’s In Your Hands

It’s Monday morning, and your inbox overflows with a weekend’s worth of messages. You resign yourself to check each message, devoting what seems like “only a few minutes” to the task. Then you realize an hour has passed. By 2 in the afternoon, your inbox is full of unread messages once more. According to your […]

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effective Decision-making confidence

Effective Decision-Making: Your Next Decision Could Be Your Best Decision

Strong leaders are pros at effective decision-making. As a leader within your organization, you are the captain of your team — the Jean-Luc Picard, if you will. Together, you and your team face challenges and choices, both monumental and minute. You work through every detail to arrive at a final decision to save the day […]

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Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

The right marketing strategy — a strategy that hits at the right time and strikes a chord with consumers — can make a company. It can propel a business into the future and help it achieve astounding success. Brand advocates are integral to this success. Consider one of the most famous examples of striking a […]

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How “Jurassic World” Made Over a Billion Dollars to Become the Biggest Movie of the Year — and What You Can Learn From It

Over the past several months, the people behind the marketing campaign for “Jurassic World” have been celebrating. They’ve probably been celebrating since June, when the movie opened, but they deserve it. Their efforts contributed to multiple record-breaking weekends and eventually a record-breaking year. Not only did the dinosaur epic become the highest grossing movie of […]

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