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If you’ve worked with us… ever,  you’ve probably heard Shaun say, (or you’ve heard one of us quote him saying) “Who gets paid more educators or entertainers? People like to be entertained! Put things in your newsletter that they want to read, and you can guarantee that your newsletter will get read and kept and generate leads and retention! If it’s boring, simply put they aren’t going to read it. I mean, even if you are a lawyer, on your free time do you really want to read about law? What about you dentists out there? When you get home and open the mailbox are you more likely to spend some time reading about the beauty of sealants, or that men’s health magazine article about how to “Wow” a lady with your cooking skills? So we recommend that you add a good amount of general interest articles and at least one funny article!”

That being said, here is a story that not only teaches you to know your limits, but is sure to get you laughing out loud!

The Uneducated Salesman

On a fairly normal morning, in the middle of suburban Ohio, a salesman knocked on the door of June Clayton, a stay-at-home mother of three. He was trying to get June to understand the beauty of flat rate energy. June was interested, but concerned about signing a 5-year contract when their family was considering moving back to Maryland, where they were from. As she questioned him about it, the following conversation ensued:

June: What happens if we move out of state?

Salesman: Like where? Which state?

June: Maryland.

Salesman: Is that in North Carolina or South Carolina?

June: Um…it’s Maryland.

Salesman: Which state is that in?  Is that a University?

June: No, it is a state. It’s up north, by Delaware and Virginia.

Salesman: Oh, so it is in North Carolina!

June: No, it’s its own state…You know Washington, DC? That’s in Maryland.

After several more moments of blank looks and awkward silence June left the encounter feeling more educated on the failings of the educational system than the energy plan the guy was trying to sell. Needless to say, she didn’t end up buying it.  Moral of the story? Don’t be that guy! Know where your company operates. If the U.S. map in your head is looking patchy or askew, grab an Atlas!



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