100 Things to Do With a Newsletter

Welcome to our 100th blog post! In honor of the occasion, we’ve compiled a list of 100 things you can do with your newsletter! Our very favorite things to do with a newsletter are outlines in our signature orange. As for the other suggestions, proceed with caution! Some of them could literally poke your eye out.

So without further ado, here’s

100 things you can do with a newsletter


  1. Read it!
  2. Use it to stay in touch with your clients

  3. Use it to introduce yourself to new clients

  4. Fill it with beneficial, entertaining content

  5. Cut out the recipes–create a recipe book
  6. Share the recipe book
  7. Fold it into a paper airplane
  8. Put it in your shock-and-awe package
  9. Add it to your mailing packages

  10. Hang it in your cubicle/office with pride
  11. Make a cootie catcher
  12. Use it to wrap a present
  13. Make a paper football
  14. Use it to stuff an uncomfortable pillow (most likely for a house guest that you wish would leave)
  15. Use it as a makeshift paper plate–a utensil and an entertainment source all wrapped into one!
  16. Make blackout poetry
  17. Burn it to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (although you might want to save it in case you get bored)
  18. Stick it to your walls–instant wallpaper!
  19. Share it with your business partners
  20. Share it with your acquaintances

  21. Make chinese lanterns
  22. Make an origami crane
  23. Use it for paper mache
  24. Make a pinata
  25. Make a pirate hat
  26. Cut it up and use the letters to write a ransom note (Read your newsletter… or else!)
  27. Fold it up and stick it under the leg of your wobbly table
  28. Use it as packing paper
  29. Use it as scrapbook paper
  30. Make a paper fan
  31. Cut it into a paper snowflake
  32. Make paper dolls
  33. Share it with your friends
  34. Share it with your co-workers

  35. Tape several together and create a “finish line”
  36. Make a paper wall to break through (Oh yeah!)
  37. Make a paper chain
  38. Use it as a Valentines Day card
  39. Use it as a birthday card
  40. Make a collage
  41. Make a paper quilt
  42. Use it as a placemat
  43. Make Christmas ornaments
  44. Use it as a makeshift coloring book
  45. Doodle on it
  46. Use it to self publish (your hilarious comic strip)
  47. Use it to make picture frames
  48. Roll it up and use it as a megaphone
  49. Roll it up and use it as a telescope
  50. Roll it up and use it as a sword
  51. Recycle it
  52. Make book covers
  53. Put it on your fridge (with 5 gold stars)
  54. Stick it on someone’s windshield
  55. Put it in your portfolio
  56. Use it to entertain yourself on long road trips
  57. Use it to entertain yourself on short road trips
  58. Leave it in the library (AKA the bathroom) for reading material
  59. Keep it on your nightstand
  60. Ball it up and throw it at someone in order to get their attention
  61. Cut it up and use it to write an anonymous love letter
  62. Leave it in local businesses
  63. Leave it in places where your ideal clients will find it

  64. Frame it and hang it on your wall (matter of fact, we’ll frame it for you)

  65. Make a paper beard–wear it on your face
  66. Make paper flowers–give them to your wife
  67. Bury it in a time capsule, dig it up in 10 years
  68. Weave paper baskets
  69. Use it as your holiday letter
  70. Throw it in the air
  71. Wave it like you just don’t care
  72. Use it as a movie prop
  73. Make a paper dream catcher–dream of increased profits
  74. Ball it up and practice your dunking skills
  75. Make party hats–host a party
  76. Make a masquerade mask–host a ball
  77. Sell it to the highest bidder as a work of art
  78. Use them as bag inserts at a trade show
  79. Roll it up and use it as a wand (Expecto Patronum!)
  80. Roll it up and use it to conduct an orchestra
  81. Read it to your children
  82. Send it to your prospective clients
  83. Send it to your current clients

  84. Use it as a flag for an imaginary country
  85. Tape it to your window and use it as a light blocker
  86. Tape it to your window for decorative purposes
  87. Staple it to a street pole
  88. Leave it in your reception area
  89. Leave it in your breakroom

  90. Make a treasure map
  91. Make ninja stars
  92. Give them away as gifts
  93. Send it to your parents
  94. Send it to your referral sources
  95. Give them away at networking events

  96. Make “high fashion” outfits — host a fashion show
  97. Use them to make a path in a game of “the floor is lava”
  98. Use it as a last resort napkin
  99. Keep it on your coffee table
  100. Make spitballs — shoot them at your enemies (this one might poke someone else’s eye out)

Okay, we would prefer if you didn’t use your newsletter as confetti — after all, the point is to get those things out and about! But even we have to admit that making ninja stars and going to war with your co-workers can be a good time.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your newsletters? Let us know!

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