Why You Should Invest In Your Company Culture

I’m in St. Thomas this week celebrating 10 years of marriage with my wife, Mariah. This place is beautiful and we are having tons of fun, but after a week away, we’re really starting to miss the kiddos.

Below are a few articles which continue our theme of company culture. Last week I got a few emails with some disagreement on how to implement (or whether you should even implement) some of the perks and company culture tactics we have been talking about over the last several weeks.

Each business owner has to decide this for themselves, but I’ve found (and so have a number of different studies) that when you invest in company culture you get a much larger return on investment. Employees work harder, care more, stay longer, refer their friends for open positions, and are happier overall–which is good for everyone, including your customers.

Just because you have a good culture doesn’t mean people are not expected to perform, in fact, when you have a great company culture, your employees will want to perform at even higher levels so that they can get ahead and make sure they keep the job they enjoy with a company they love.

Enjoy the articles and we’ll see you next week!


Studies show that new hires typically make the decision to stick around or stick it to ‘em within the first six months on the job. In fact, many of them already know whether they’re in it for the long haul within their first 90 days. In the end, it’s not the pay check that inspires them to stay, and it’s definitely not the cubicle with a view (of the wall), it’s the culture. Check out our most recent blog post written by one of our very own writers as she recounts the importance of making a good first impression.


I’m a numbers guy, and if you’re like me, you need to see some solid evidence that investing in your company culture is worth your time and money. A recent study by John Kotter, founder of Kotter International—a strategy implantation organization (try saying that three times fast)—discovered that companies with performance enhancing cultures saw close to 682% in revenue growth over 11 years while those without performance enhancing cultures only saw 166%. Check out this article for the full stats! I guarantee you’ll have a new perspective on ROI.


Whether you like it or not, your corporation has a culture (hopefully it’s a beneficial culture that you’ve implemented, and not a toxic culture that evolved naturally from the chaos)—and that culture determines how you perceive, think about, and react to certain environments (at least, according to a former MIT professor). As this article points out, it’s the healthy cultures that fit their business environment and react positively to change that result in huge successes. Does corporate culture influence success? Absolutely! But how? Read on to find out!


What do the “100 Best Companies to Work For” have in common? Well, according to this article, a great company culture! They’ve discovered the benefits of investing in a company culture (things like low employee turnover, strong branding, and common values) and now you can too! This article not only delves into the importance of company culture, but also teaches you how to leverage it to your success. Even better? You can do it all in three simple steps. Are you convinced yet? Investing in your company culture is the single easiest (not to mention, the single most important) way to increase your success.

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