Trade Show Survival Guide, Part 2

Your Attendee Trade Show Survival Guide

As promised here is Part 2 of our trade show survival guide. We want you to be successful at ICON14 and Following these simple steps is a great way to help do that. We’ve tried and true experience with these steps and know they truly make a difference at the end of the day.

Make a Map

It’s impossible to walk from one end of a trade show to the other without being bombarded with invitations, special offers, and free swag. You might feel obligated to spend time at each booth, but the truth is, you’ll make the most of your time there by picking and choosing which booths, meetings, and special events to attend. Only attend those that are relevant to you and your business. Print out a copy of the floor plan and map your route. Save time by scheduling by location–that way you won’t be racing across the venue every 60 minutes.

Leave the Laptop

Loading yourself up with gadgets before hitting the floor is a bad idea from the start. Not only will you have a hard time keeping track of all those electronics (and inevitably lose one) but you’ll have an even harder time keeping them powered while you’re out on the floor. Stick with your smart phone, a wireless charger (for emergencies), and a thumb drive. Bring your tablet if you must, but leave the laptop at home.

Collect Cards

You’re guaranteed to leave the show with a new outlook on business, a whole lotta new friends, and a pocketful of business cards. But chances are those cards won’t mean much by the time you get home and throw them in your rolodex (wait, do they still make those?). Bring a special baggie for your business card collection and keep a pen handy to make notes on each card; things like “follow up in a few weeks,” or, “had great ideas about marketing.” And don’t forget to bring (and hand out!) your own business cards as well.

Pack a Snack

Not only did you fly in on what was probably a germ-infested airplane, but now you’re stuck in a convention center with several hundred other people who likely did the same thing…and you’re shaking hands with all of them. Don’t forget to pack some hand sanitizer and a hankie, and for the love of networking, stay hydrated. Trade shows can be overwhelming, but try to get plenty of rest and pace yourself throughout the day. Stock up on granola bars and other quick snacks to keep your energy up and your hunger in check.


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