A Math Teacher’s Tips for Business Success!

Investment Concept Blackboard

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – I know, you’ve heard that one before – probably from your high school math teacher; but, just like algebra actually comes in handy (we were surprised too), this little gem of a quote is one that should surely be remembered, lest it come to bite you in the rear later in life! Implement these 2 tips to make sure you’re planning today to avoid calamity tomorrow!

1. Make a list and check it twice. No, we don’t assume you moonlight as Saint Nick, but his habits would be awesome to adopt. Take 20 minutes in the morning and plan what you need to get done throughout the day; later, update your list with what got moved to the top, or what needs to be moved to tomorrow. This way, nothing gets forgotten and you’re on top of your game!

2. Just like a cookbook comes with time slots for everything from prep time to cook time, so should your work day. Paula Dean and Guy Fieri aren’t the only ones who can make timelines work for them. Allocate specific time increments for everything you do – are you going over your time allotments repeatedly throughout your day? You are either getting distracted a lot or you aren’t planning enough time for each activity. Are you consistently taking longer on the budget reports that you think it should take? You should probably call in an employee to take this over. Regardless of what you find, this data will be helpful! (another gem from that math teacher – dang, he’s on a roll here!)

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