Promoting Your Company Culture

By now you should have a clear understanding of why company culture is so important for your company. But it doesn’t matter how awesome your company culture is if no one outside your office walls ever gets to see it! Can you imagine where Google would be today if they never confided to the rest of us what went on inside the Googleplex? Their “googliness” would be suffering, that’s for sure.

When it comes right down to it, promoting your company culture is a surefire way to attract the right people—whether you’re looking to hire or seeking new clients. Employees who are drawn to your company via your culture are more passionate about their job and more likely to stick around for the long haul. Likewise, clients who share your mission and values (as demonstrated by your culture) will be the easiest clients to work with and probably some of your most profitable. Can’t take my word for it? The following articles reaffirm the importance of promoting your company culture—enjoy your weekend reading and we’ll see you again next week! – 3 Overlooked Areas to Promote Company Culture

A recent study concluded that 89% of new employees fail due to what Mark Murphy (author of Hiring for Attitude) calls “attitudinal reasons.” Meaning they just don’t gel with the company culture. But it’s not entirely their fault; research shows that 49% of job seekers are wary of accepting a new job—and that uncertainty stems from the employer’s inability to realistically paint a picture of the company culture. Of course, all this can be solved by promoting your company culture and using it to attract potential employees. This article covers the three (oftentimes overlooked) areas you can use to display your company culture. – 5 Companies Promoting Their Office Culture on Facebook

The one area that’s not often overlooked when it comes to promoting your company culture is (drumroll please) facebook. Everyone and their dog has a facebook profile (seriously, dogs), but not everyone knows how to use it the right way. This article from not only demonstrates how to use facebook marketing to its fullest potential (through example) but reaffirms that today’s marketing is less about your company and more about the people that work there. – How To Let Your Company’s Culture Shine Online

As this article so nicely states, “When the competition is fierce, your company’s culture could give you the edge…” But how exactly do you go about letting your culture “shine online?” Well, for starters, you sign up for some social media websites (actually, you should have done this long ago). If you’re not comfortable posting on your company’s account, create a separate page for your employee “brand.” At the very least, dedicate a photo album on your facebook page to “life in the office”—sure, you’re no Google, but you’ll get there. This article is plump full of helpful tips like these to get your company culture online, in the community, and on top of the business world.

Company Culture and the Happiest Place on Earth

When it comes to showing off company culture on a global scale, there’s no one more apt than The Walt Disney Company, keepers of “The Happiest Place on Earth.” This blog shares with you how Disney is building a company culture that is perfectly in tune with the founding beliefs of none other than Mr. Walt Disney himself. By hiring employees who already fit the company’s beliefs and synchronizing them with the company’s mission, Disney is able to create a place where children and adults alike create nothing but fond memories alongside cast members who are honestly happy with the roles they play. For those looking for a way to create positive company culture without the game rooms and slides, this blog will show you how it’s done—Disney-style.

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