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Happy Friday from The Newsletter Pro! We hope you’re enjoying this first fine week of September. If you’re anything like me, you kicked off the month with a three-day weekend, a little football (okay, a lot), and a GKIC bootcamp. Of course, September also means that the holiday season (AKA “the season of giving”) is just around the corner. But before you resign yourself to early Christmas shopping and preparing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, we encourage you to take some time to inspire, indulge, and otherwise invest in yourself! After all, when it comes to running a business, the most profitable long-term investment is YOU. The following articles discuss the importance of investing in yourself and how it can come to benefit not only you, but those around you. Sounds like a win/win situation to me!

How to Invest in Yourself and Watch Your Life Change

Don’t wait until January 1st, 2015, to make your life-changing resolutions–follow these five simple steps to invest in yourself and change your life right now! When you hear the word “investment” you might picture dollar bill signs in your head–but a great investment doesn’t have to have a monetary value. For example; invest yourself in learning a new skill and watch your value soar. Or hire a coach and invest in your personal development. As always, the smart investors tend to see the greatest returns, and the smartest investment is YOU.

The Smartest Long-Term Investment is You

See? I told you so. Jeff Olson, entrepreneur and author of The Slight Edge, claims that “the greatest gift you can give yourself, the wisest business investment you will ever make, is investing in your personal development.” He goes on to say that working on yourself is the fastest and smartest way to advance your career–and he’s got a pretty cool analogy about an axe and a tree that involves one of our most famous presidents to prove it . . . but it’s not what you think. Read on and commit to your greatest investment.

You Are Your Most Valuable Asset, So Invest In Yourself!

As a business owner, it can be hard to decide where to best invest your resources. Do you focus on your staff? Your website? Your marketing? While those things are all essential to running a successful business, this article claims that unless you invest in yourself first, you’re wasting your resources! Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean investing in a recliner for your corner office, or investing in a five-course meal for lunch, but it does mean investing your resources in the things that really matter. Things like “time management strategies” and “customer service skills.” Those smart investments will eventually come full circle.

Treat Yo Self!

It’s a phrase that gets thrown around here at the office quite a bit, “treat yo self!” If that means indulging a little bit at lunch, so be it, but it has a bit of a deeper meaning as well. This article, straight from The Newsletter Pro blog, talks about the importance of treating yourself the same way you would treat your star employers, or your closest friends. Chances are, you invest a ton of your time and energy into them, so why not do the same for you?

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