Dan Kennedy on How to Increase Referrals and Retention


On my call with Dan Kennedy, we spent an hour discussing referrals and retention strategies for both B2B as well as B2C. One of the topics we chatted about was the fact that most businesses have campaigns and budgets for finding new customers, but only the most successful companies have campaigns and budgets for retaining the customers they already have.

Dan said that there are four areas where most businesses are missing the boat when it comes to existing customers:

1. Referrals – This one may seem obvious, but as we discussed on the call, being a great provider of your products and services simply hasn’t been good enough to generate more than a handful referrals since the late 1960’s / early 1970’s. In today’s world you have to go above and beyond “being really good” if you want to get massive amounts of referrals.

2. The Sharing of Customers – This is often overlooked by nearly 100% of small businesses. Many don’t realize that customers have one or more other providers they use in-between using your services or buying your products. You MUST create a strategy to keep your customers, clients, and patients from doing business with other vendors or service providers.

3. Retention – According to Dan, it’s surprising the amount of work and effort (even pain!) someone will go through to get a new customer, client, or patient only to virtually ignore them after they start buying from you. Newsletters are one way (and a way I strongly recommend) to fix the retention problem most businesses have.

4. Repeat Business – During our call, Dan suggested that most people could easily increase their sales tomorrow if their customers simply knew about all the products and services you can provide to them.

During this hour long call, we discussed these points and many other additional ideas and strategies you can use to both increase retention of each customer, as well as generate the best new kind of customer — a referral.

You can snag a copy of our call in your Shock and Awe package by ordering my book through the link at the top of this page. OR you can request a copy by calling my team at 208-297-5700. Just let us know you’re looking for the Dan Kennedy Retention and Referral Call and we’ll get it over to you via email. Enjoy!


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