Building a Referral Program

Building a Referral Program (for employees and for clients)

It’s finally Friday, and with a long weekend ahead of us, there’s plenty of time to relax, reinvigorate, and refocus on what’s important. If your Labor Day plans include some down time and a steady internet connection (sorry, campers), take some time to peruse this week’s Newsletter Pro Weekend Reading! This month we’ve covered referrals inside, outside, upside and down! You know why referrals are important, how employee referrals can be the solution to your HR needs, and understand that the Golden Rule is crucial to your own referrals, so it’s time to put it all together. In this last weekend of August, we’re taking a look at what goes into building that perfect referral program—for both employees and clients. Whether you already have a referral program for both elements of your biz, or you might be missing one, these are some fantastic resources that will fill you in on what it takes to implement the right referral programs for your. Enjoy, and be sure to give us some feedback once you’re through!

Here’s Why Your Employee Referral Program Isn’t Working

Do you already have an employee referral program, but you’re just not seeing the results we’ve been raving about? Take a look at this article from TLNT! Author Ziv Eliraz outlines five common kinks in employee referral programs. With proactive solutions for each pain point, this is a great piece to help your referral program thrive.

Employee Referral Program Tips that Actually Work

Fresh from HR Kitchen, the blogging imprint of RecruiterBox, this post covers four essential tips to encourage employee referrals. Whether you’re starting to build your very own employee referral program from the ground up, or you want to add a bit more bang to your pre-existing program, consult these tips to harness the better retention and engagement that comes from an effective employee referral program.

5 Tips for a Successful Customer Referral Program

Are you ready to take on the challenge of building a great customer referral program? Yaniv Masjedi from the SalesForce Blog, provides these five tips to take into consideration as you begin your journey. From creating rewards with “serious value,” to accounting for proper timing, these tidbits will help you create a stellar customer referral program!

The Gifts of a Good Referral

In today’s market, gaining referrals is more important than ever before. Heck–even World of Warcraft has a referral program! This week’s blog reviews the success of Paypal’s referral program and then details four great ways you can keep referrals on your clients’ radar. Sure, you can’t control when someone’s going to ask your client for the name of a company they know and trust, but by offering gifts, monetary compensation, and rewards, we think you’ll find that gaining those referrals is the easiest thing you’ll ever have to do! Check out our blog for more ideas, or maybe just a little inspiration!

Best wishes to you and yours for a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


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