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Real Talk: Get the Feedback You Need

Real feedback from your team is hard to come by. Nobody wants to throw anyone under the bus or be labeled a complainer. But the feedback you get from your team and that you get from your clients should be equally important. Have you ever heard of the CBS reality series “Undercover Boss”? Each episode […]

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Newsletter Campaign

Top 5 Newsletter Campaign Resolutions for 2017

Congratulations, you survived 2016! Now the new year is upon us, and you’re thinking about your marketing budget. This budget doesn’t increase often, so every dollar counts. All your efforts must make the maximum impact. And that includes your custom newsletter campaign. You love your newsletter. Since you started with The Newsletter Pro, your custom […]

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Is Procrastination Killing Your Business?

Procrastination can poison the well of an otherwise great business strategy. Chances are, your business depends heavily on deadlines, and you can’t afford to drop the ball. If you’re not great with starting projects early, this post is for you. Did you know that 15% of adults can be defined as chronic procrastinators? This means they are […]

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effective Decision-making confidence

Effective Decision-Making: Your Next Decision Could Be Your Best Decision

Strong leaders are pros at effective decision-making. As a leader within your organization, you are the captain of your team — the Jean-Luc Picard, if you will. Together, you and your team face challenges and choices, both monumental and minute. You work through every detail to arrive at a final decision to save the day […]

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Active Marketing

4 Benefits of Active Marketing

It can take a while to wrap your head around the fact that marketing never ends. As long as you’re in business, you don’t just execute a marketing campaign once and then stop. Consistent, active marketing is vital to your company’s success. This applies to marketing as a whole, and equally to every marketing campaign […]

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Accentuate Positivity

Encourage Workplace Positivity

At The Newsletter Pro, we live and breathe a set of 9 core values that define our company culture. The first of these values is Accentuate the Positive. This encouragement of  workplace positivity can also be described as “Looking on the Bright Side,” “Being Optimistic,” or “Finding the Silver Lining.” That said, accentuating the positive […]

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marketing emotion

Your Marketing Message Is A Vital Organ

Great marketers appeal to their demographic’s emotions by creating a clear and concise message. Feel like giving your marketing message more emotional appeal? Start here. Your Marketing Message: The Head Vs. The Heart You’re a logical consumer, right? You look for quality, you shop around, and you listen to recommendations from family and friends. But […]

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Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

The right marketing strategy — a strategy that hits at the right time and strikes a chord with consumers — can make a company. It can propel a business into the future and help it achieve astounding success. Brand advocates are integral to this success. Consider one of the most famous examples of striking a […]

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Return on Investment

Calculating ROI? Just Do It!

If you want your marketing campaign to be a success, sometimes you have to do whatever it takes! That means calculating ROI.   That’s one of the lessons to take away from Nike and its “Just Do It” campaign from the late 1980s. At the time, it had experienced its very first sales contraction in […]

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customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty Reigns Supreme

If you knew the lifetime value and loyalty of a customer depended on their next interaction with you, would you treat them a little bit differently? Fostering long-term relationships with your customers is an investment in your own profits. That’s why those relationships should be treated as seriously as any other financial investment. Lifetime Value […]

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