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How Originality In Business Made Puppets Celebrities

Is there room for originality in business? Should CEOs follow tried-and-true patterns or gamble on a more creative approach? When you look at the most successful brands in history, from Apple to Walt Disney, the answer is clear. Originality is the key ingredient that helps your company thrive. Just ask the Muppets creator, Jim Henson. […]

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continuing education

Continuing Education Is The Key To Success

Our CEO has a simple trick for identifying which of his team members are ready and willing to grow. These are the employees who will push our company forward in all the right ways. According to Shaun, the key marker of an employee ready to shine is what’s right on their desk. No, he’s not […]

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Retention and Referral Training with Shaun Buck

2017 Livecast – Retention and Referral Training Join Shaun Buck, CEO and owner of The Newsletter Pro, as he goes into detail about the single, multimillion dollar marketing strategy that launched his small business onto the Inc. 500 List two years running. You’ll learn: The #1 Most Overlooked Opportunity for Getting New Customers 3 Secrets […]

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direct mail

Want Your Direct Mail Campaign to Be Memorable?

It’s unfortunate how awful some direct mail campaigns are. Bland, gimmicky postcards that flash catch phrases like “FREE MONEY” and “WIN CASH NOW” fall flat, both physically and fiscally. They don’t elicit a visceral emotional response from their audience. You know what a lack of emotional response gets your direct mail campaign? The deep dark […]

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Productivity: It’s In Your Hands

It’s Monday morning, and your inbox overflows with a weekend’s worth of messages. You resign yourself to check each message, devoting what seems like “only a few minutes” to the task. Then you realize an hour has passed. By 2 in the afternoon, your inbox is full of unread messages once more. According to your […]

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referred clients

Can You Handle the Truth About Referred Clients?

Can you handle the truth? You can throw all the money you want at your marketing campaign. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on branding, landing pages, funnels, Facebook, sales letters, and postcards. But still, the best new customers are referred clients. According to a study conducted by the New York Times, 65% of companies’ […]

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Why A Print Newsletter Is A Dental Marketer’s Dream

An Interview With Shaun Buck When a dental practice is looking to eliminate patient attrition and multiply referrals, they turn to Shaun Buck, known throughout the industry for pushing results-driven, direct mail strategy to the forefront of the marketing world. In May, he sat down with Lou Donato of Watkins Dental Associates to discuss why […]

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Stay Hungry: Daymond John’s ‘The Power of Broke’

Daymond John has run a billion-dollar company, been a reality TV personality, and given speeches to the next generation of up-and-comers across the globe. But before that, he was an entrepreneur. And before that, he was broke. No Funding? No Problem! Would you start a company with no funding? According to his book The Power […]

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IKEA effect

The IKEA Effect: Build Loyalty the Swedish Way

Is it possible to build customer loyalty with consumers who have never been to your business before? According to theories surrounding the IKEA Effect, yes! My brother recently moved into a new place and decided to pursue a fresh start. He tossed out his old coffee table and strolled into a local furniture retail store, […]

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Buyer’s journey

A Buyer’s Journey

You may have heard me say in the past that people are ready to buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell to them. This is correct, but does that mean you’re at the mercy of the prospect to make a sale? Of course not. Every buyer goes on a buyer’s […]

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